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Tick Control Tubes for Professionals

Tick Control Tubes for Professionals

Tick Control Tubes for Professionals

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  • Thermacell Tick Control Tubes go where sprays can't reach to kill nymphal and larval ticks that may carry Lyme disease. Thermacell kills ticks feeding on mice, the primary source of Lyme disease infected ticks. Sprays can treat the yard perimeter, but tick tubes treat mice throughout the property improving protection for the entire yard.

    • Kills backyard ticks with Lyme disease
    • Doesn't harm kids, pets, or environment
    • No spray; environmentally friendly; biodegradable
    • Targeted application kills ticks, not beneficial bugs
    • Easy to use: apply in minutes 2x a year with no clean-up
    • Use alone or with sprays and IPM programs
    • Developed at Harvard University School of Public Health
    • Active Ingredient: 7.4% Permethrin
    • This Pro Pack contains 96 Thermacell Tick Control Tubes




    Property Size Each Application For the Year*
    1/4 Acre 6 tubes 12 Tubes
    1/2 Acre 12 tubes 24 tubes
    1 Acre 24 tubes 48 tubes

    *Amounts are for a typical property with house, driveway and lawn.

    *Wooded lots or properties with above average amounts of shrubs, tall grass and woods will require additional tubes.

    For questions or to become a Thermacell applicator, contact TICKSALES@THERMACELL.COM.