Protecting Large Areas From Mosquitoes

If you are trying to protect a large outdoor area from mosquitoes, look no further than Thermacell Mosquito Repellent.  You have probably researched large area options such as traps and zappers that often times are not very effective and require cleaning dead insects.  Now there’s a better way to keep mosquitoes away, with Thermacell.

Thermacell is known for being one of the most effective area mosquito repellent products on the planet.  Thermacell protects areas up to 15 x 15 feet from mosquitoes, or 225 square feet, per device.  But, when using multiple devices, Thermacell can help protect an area as large as you need. 

With just 4 Thermacell Repellers placed every 15 feet, you can protect an area up to 30 ft by 30 ft (or 15 ft x 60 ft)!  For optimal protection, place a fifth repeller tabletop in the middle of your zone.  And with additional devices, the area of mosquito protection is virtually endless.