About Thermacell

About Thermacell

Over the past 20 years, Thermacell has protected millions of people from the harmful effects of insects.


Thermacell provides zone mosquito protection that keeps mosquitoes up to 15 ft away, stopping them before they can bother or bite you. Thermacell’s zone repellent technology eliminates the need for messy lotions or sprays, so you and your family are free to enjoy the outdoors, without worrying about mosquitoes or the harm they may cause. Thermacell repellent devices are either powered by a small fuel cartridge or a rechargeable battery, providing effective and efficient scent-free mosquito protection. If you love the outdoors like us, but don’t love mosquitoes, get a Thermacell repeller.


Thermacell also provides relief from ticks. Thermacell Tick Control Tubes are the easy, no spray way to kill deer ticks with Lyme disease and reduce the tick population in your yard. These biodegradable tubes don’t harm kids, pets or the environment. Thermacell Tick Tubes work with nature to kill young ticks before they can harm people and pets. Each tick tube can kill hundreds of ticks per season. 


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Meet our Team

Adam C.
VP, Product & Innovation
Adam G.
Director, New Product Development
Alexa H.
Senior Business Development Manager
Allegra L.
General Manager, Tick Division
Allen S.
President, International Markets
Ashley L.
Director of People & Culture
Bob H.
Director - Research & Development
Boomer L.
Snuggle Supervisor
Brian P.
VP, North American Sales
Charlie O.
Director, Barks & Recreation
Chuck L.
Chief Operating Officer
Debra S.
Business Systems Analyst
Grant M.
Vice President – Information Technology
Hank J.
Heather R.
National Sales Director
Jackie A.
Trade Show and Marketing Coordinator
Jennifer S.
National Sales Director
Jerry O.
Senior Manager, IT & Operations
Jody N.
Sourcing Manager
Joe N.
Staff Accountant
John H
VP of Science & Research
Josh S.
Director, Ecommerce
Juliana L
Chief Financial Officer
Julie M.
Finance Associate
Justin T.
Engineer - R&D
Katie T.
Distribution Center Supervisor
Keith L.
Senior Manager, Supply Chain & Customer Care
Leo N.
Mischief Manager
Lucas C.
Security Director
Lucky C.
Canine Resources
Lynn O.
Accounts Receivable Manager
Mack H.
Chief Snack Officer
Meg W.
Specialist, Graphics and Digital Art
Michael Y.
Chief Marketing Officer
Nana B.
Planning Manager
Nick J.
Business Development Manager
Niki N.
Retail and Digital Marketing Associate
Nola P.
Chief Napping Officer
Paige W.
Associate, Graphics and Digital Art
Raquel G.
Sourcing Manager - Direct Materials
Steve B.
Research and Development Engineer
Steve H.
Chief Executive Officer & President
Steve S.
Sue P.
Tim C.
Senior Sourcing Manager
Wender W.
Engineering Manager

Key Partners

Francis C.
Quality Technician
Jurairat B
Quality Technician
Ruel C.
Quality Technician
Suree C.
Quality Technician