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A Smart and Easy Way to Grow Your Mosquito Control Business


Ticks on Mouse

In recent years, more and more pest management professionals have turned to offering a service many consumers thought they provided all along – mosquito control. With increased awareness of the public health threat mosquitoes pose (i.e. West Nile and Zika viruses) the demand for these important services has increased. 

For pest control companies offering mosquito management services there is new avenue to grow revenues that doesn’t require a significant investment of time, people and training resources. It is a service that targets another frequently encountered and even more prevalent public health threat – ticks.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tick-borne diseases have infected more people in the United States than mosquitoes. And of those infected, Lyme disease accounted for eight out of 10 cases.

With cases of tick-borne diseases increasing more than 160 percent from 2004 to 2017, consumers and their pest management professionals are looking for answers to manage this growing threat that often occurs right in their own backyard.

Upgrade Your Tick Control

Controlling ticks effectively requires an integrated pest management (IPM) approach – there is no one silver bullet solution. Spraying a customer’s yard is one component as is staying on top of basic yard care practices such as mowing the grass regularly and not letting plants and shrubs become overgrown

Pest management professionals can raise their tick control game by delivering a targeted treatment where spray treatments can’t reach.  Thermacell Tick Control Tubes provide pest management professionals with an efficient, easy to use option that kills ticks on the white-footed mouse – the primary host of immature deer ticks.

It’s a control option that PMPs will appreciate and peace of mind that consumers want when it comes to protecting their families and pets from ticks.

How can pest management professionals add tick control tubes to their service offerings? It’s easier that you think.

The Tick Control Tube Solution

Thermacell Tick Control Tubes are an EPA-registered product that kills immature ticks before they can pass diseases to humans or pets. The tubes, which contain cotton treated with permethrin, target the white-footed mouse which collect the treated material and use it to line their nests, rubbing the insecticide into their fur, and the ticks feeding on the mice die. It’s that simple.

The tubes complement perimeter spray treatments and other IPM-based programs with targeted product placement of the tubes where sprays can’t reach. This provides PMPs and their clients with improved protection for the entire yard.
Application of the product is easy – installing the tubes takes no more than 10 minutes – and there is no special equipment needed for technicians. The twice a year applications can be made during regular service stops for mosquitoes or other pests.

Tick Control Tubes target only ticks, not beneficial insects, so they don’t harm people or the environment. The tubes are biodegradable and can be left on property.

Driving Revenue with Tick Control Tube

How can Tick Control Tubes drive new revenue streams for pest management professionals? With low labor costs – the technician is already on-site – and no ongoing maintenance required, tick control tubes can easily be added to an IPM based tick control program.

How much revenue can be realized? In prime tick areas such as the Northeast, mid-Atlantic and upper Midwest, select pest management companies averaged more than $50,000 in new revenue when adding tick control tubes to their service protocols.


Why Thermacell Tick Control Tubes Are Good for Your Top and Bottom Line

  • Low labor costs, easy to install – no more than 10 minutes, twice a year
  • A natural upsell to existing client base
  • Complements spray and IPM programs
  • Reliable source of renewable incremental revenue

Position your mosquito and tick control programs for growth and provide customers with peace of mind by adding Thermacell Tick Control Tubes to your service lineup.